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Tami Yost

"Ranger is my crazy hunter! Thankful for my Pet Protect Fencing mesh barrier. He would go for those toads if we didn’t have the best security with that fence! Jeannine and her company are true lifesavers. Highly recommend Pet Protect Fencing to everyone."

curly IMG_1900.jpeg


Gail Webb

"Curly is a mini chocolate dapple long haired dachshund that we got after we lost our other doxie to a toad. We now have the very, very, very best toad protection. We lost a pet to a toad and will never take that chance again. We have Pet Protect Fencing mesh barrier from Toad Busters around the whole yard. Endless thanks to for keeping our pups safe!!"

gunnar and pippa.jpg

Gunner & Pippa

Donna Thomas

"After losing an 8-week-old puppy due to Bufo toad, we contacted Toad Busters to get their Pet Protect Fencing mesh barrier installed on our fence. Our experience dealing with all their employees has been excellent. I highly recommend any dog owners living near pond or lake contact Toad Busters/Pet Protect Fencing."



Sara Moore

"Charity was a rescue that had been used for breeding. She has come a long way. I am happy she is protected now from those bufo toads. My fence looks great. I feel better now about letting my babies out to do their business at night."

cash TB IMG_1996.jpeg


Mark Neuberger

"Best thing we did to protect our precious dogs."

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