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Toad Collection

By Toad Busters - parent company of Pet Protect Fencing


Toad Busters, parent company of Pet Protect Fencing, offers poisonous cane toad collection services available in Southeast and Southwest Florida as a one-time visit or on a bi-weekly schedule in order to help prevent your pet from coming into contact with these deadly toads. Special arrangements can be made for customers desiring more frequent visits. We highly recommend a regular schedule versus one-off service calls. Did you know that one female cane toad can lay as many as 30,000 eggs at one time? To consistently keep the poisonous toads under control for the safety of your pet(s), consider our twice-monthly service option. 


Our technicians generally collect when the toads are most active, which is from dusk until late evening. Techs will be highly visible in lighted safety vests. While we cannot guarantee removal of all cane toads, you will see a decline in numbers over time... and it is therefore much less likely that your beloved pet(s) will encounter them.

Owner Jeannine Tilford/Toad Busters is a registered Nuisance Wildlife Trapper (reptiles and snakes) with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). 

Learn More

To learn more about our humane toad collection and removal services in South Florida, hop on over to the Toad Busters website. We also take care of iguanas, tree frogs, and New Guinea flatworms!

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