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Mesh Barrier Installation

Got critters? Avoid run-ins with nuisance wildlife such as coyotes, snakes, iguanas, racoons, poisonous cane toads, and more. Keep your pets (and even toddlers!) safe and sound inside your fenced area.

​We offer a high-quality, maintenance-free, made-in-the-USA mesh barrier product that helps keep your pets safe INSIDE your yard, and keeps predators OUT. It holds up against those same pets, that lawn guy of yours, and the harsh Florida sun (it’s UV resistant).

We know that pets (and kids!) can be escape artists. 

Our mesh barrier helps keep them inside... and wildlife outside.

Don't let these predators risk your pet's life!

Custom Fit, Looks Great

Our mesh barrier can be positioned on your existing fence at a height to suit your needs. Most of our customers have the barrier placed at 2'6", but some opt for full height—or something in between. The material is custom sized, and custom sewn for YOUR project; it’s not one-size-fits-all. Grommets are even added as we go along so that they're perfectly aligned.

Our barrier fencing looks great, (it's hardly noticeable), and allows you the same view you had before. It comes in black, white, brown, and green. It can go on many types of fences such as wood (including shadowbox), vinyl, aluminum, iron, etc. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your pet is safely confined to an area. Pet: In! Wildlife: Out! All that and a lifetime warranty, too! Learn More >>

Secure, Convenient, No Hassle

The seamless Pet Protect barrier we offer is screwed into your existing fence using molding that blends into the fence rail (this ensures that you can barely see where it's attached). The result is a tight barrier that avoids sagging. And if it accidentally gets cut by the lawn guy (an uncommon occurrence due to the strength of the mesh), it is very easy to unscrew and replace a small portion. More good news is that slices into the barrier do not cause an unraveling due to the way it’s woven; therefore, you’re still largely protected from a pet escaping or wildlife entering until we can head out to replace the panel. Learn More >>


Free Estimates!

Our barrier mesh material is not one-size-fits-all. It is cut, sewn and priced for each individual job.


Please call us and we’ll come out to take a look at your fence and discuss your needs.

Call Now:  888-635-8623

Based in Martin County, Florida. Serving these counties: Broward, Lee, Martin, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Collier. If you're not in one of these areas but would like our mesh barrier... please give us a call! 

Installation Rates
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