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Dog Owners Beware: Cane Toads are a Threat Across South Florida!

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"We did not see a snake, a toad, or anything. It kept our precious Golden Mini Goldendoodle Sparky safe. We felt so secure."

- Ray and Michelle P., Palm City, FL

Many accidental pets deaths are attributed to cane toads annually.
Safeguard your dogs from danger with Pet Protect Fencing.

Are Dangerous Animals Making a Home on Your Property?

Prevent a tragedy. Block out deadly toads and more. Protect your pet from harm with our high-quality, see-through mesh barriers.

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Your Pet Depends on You

The Pet Protect Fencing mesh barriers are a highly effective way to keep your beloved pet out of harm’s way, and gain peace of mind. Toxic toads are rampant in our area, but they cannot penetrate, burrow under, or climb over our made-in-the-USA barriers, ensuring a safe yard for your pet. Isn’t your pet worth it? 

Watch this video to learn more about deadly cane toads and the solutions we offer. 

"Best thing we did to protect our precious dogs."

Mark N., Delray Beach, FL



Your Pet's Safety is Our Top Priority 

Fill out the short form below to get peace-of-mind for yourself and a safer more secure property for your pet(s) to enjoy.  

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