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Effective Protection from Rattlesnakes and More.

Pet Protect Fencing Custom Mesh Barrier

  • Keep Your Property Safe... and Rattlesnakes OUT
  • High-Quality, Strong and Secure
  • Free Estimates

Safeguard Your Property & 
Keep Venomous Rattlesnakes OUT

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Have you Heard?

Amazon driver in serious condition after rattlesnake bite in South Florida

A driver was delivering package to Palm City home when she was bitten by an eastern diamondback rattlesnake near the front door. It's a reality in South Flroida that rattlesnakes, poisonous toads, coyotes, and other wildlife are simply everywhere... including your yard. Safeguard your property against poisonous rattlesnakes and more. Add a Pet Protect Fencing barrier to your existing fence.

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High-Quality, Maintenance-Free, Made-in-the-USA


Secure, Conveninent, No-Hassle


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